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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Continued from Chapter 12

As you wake up, the next morning, it's a nice realization that, once again, you've not had any nasty visitors. "Let's hope they stay away, but I'm sure they'll be back," you mutter, under your breath. "Who is behind this? How did they find out about D'ni and the linking books, at all? How did they know I have one?" All these questions pile in your head, sending it spinning. So many questions without answers. With all this going on in your head, you don't see Lesley wake up beside you. She leans in for a kiss, startling you. "Oh, good morning!" you stutter, suddenly thinking of her.

"Good morning, and how did you sleep?" She nuzzles her head in and kisses your neck, loving the feeling of your soft, warm skin so close. You hug her in close too, liking this warm, female body next to you. So comfortable, content, and cozy this morning, between you.

"I slept well. I'm glad we didn't have visitors, in the night," you say, with a wry tone.

"Yes, not welcome at all." She shakes her head. "Well, let's not think of that, okay?' You kiss her again as she leans in. "Mm, I think I need to be loved some more," she says, winking. You laugh, and eagerly comply with your lady's wishes, putting a lovely smile on her face.

After breakfast, it is decided, after talking about it, that your ankle isn't better enough, yet, for walking, although as you admit to her, you are dying to find out more. "But it'll only set me back farther if I damage it, correct?"

"That's so true. So, time spent resting it is better, correct?" she says, nodding her head.

"Yup, so I'll work on my maps some more today. I'll be needing some ink for my tracing pen later, as well. So, perhaps, we'll go together?" She nods in agreement.

As the day wears on, she starts to feel that dreadful, painful feeling. She checks her dates in her little calendar book, and sits down. Beginning to cry, she feels so sad. It's the day for her monthly period. She knows that for the next few days, she'll be in pain, in bed, with a hot water bottle, if possible, clutched to her middle. It's a sad day for her. You find her sitting there, crying. Planning to head off to get the ink, you were hoping that she'd come with you.

"What's the matter, Lesley?" you say, concern evident in your voice.

"Oh, just that time of the month for me. So, for the next few days, I'll be in some pain. I've already taken some pain pills but I'm not feeling very good, as it is. You hug her, feeling badly.

"I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do or get for you?" you ask, concerned and wanting to help.

"Do you have a hot water bottle handy perhaps?" she asks, looking up at you with her tear-stained eyes.

"No, not here, at the house I do. I'll drop by there and get it for you, if that's okay?" you reply.

"Oh yes, that would be great," she replies, but not in a happy tone. Already she's feeling the dull agony of the pain starting. You nod and kiss her goodbye. She lays on the bed, after you've gone, and quietly cries.

You head off in the truck, to get your supplies for the map drawing and also, to get the hot water bottle for her. You feel a heavy weight of sadness, knowing that she's in pain, as you drive away.

She falls asleep, while resting, on the bed. Upon waking, she hears voices in the Cleft. Thinking that, perhaps, you've returned, she calls out "Gareth, I'm here, in the bedroom, still." She waits for a moment, and then as footsteps get closer, she smiles, anticipating your appearance. But to her horror, it isn't your face. It's the two fellows who were here, in the Cleft, earlier, looking for the D'ni linking books.

"Well, look at this. Miss Scratch My Eyes Out and she doesn't have her knight in shining armour to protect her. Isn't that sad?" The fellow who she attacked walks right in. His buddy is with him. They both have smirks on their faces. Guns are drawn and pointing at her. She hesitates and looks very worried. Inside she's screaming "Oh my god, no, no, Gareth I need you. Come and rescue me." She knows that she'd never get to the shotgun standing at the head of the bed in time.

"What the hell are you doing here? Don't you know the books are gone? Did you think we'd be stupid enough to leave them here for you to steal again, you idiots," she yells at them. This doesn't help matters at all with these guys. Adding insult, to the fact that they see a helpless female, who has badly injured one of them, just fuels the fire. The guy whom Lesley hurt walks towards her.

"Well, honey, I don't really care about the linking book at this point. All I want is you." He starts to undo his pants. She realizes that she's sitting there with her top undone, and her breasts, cupped in her bra, are showing. As a result, it's a desirable sight for any guy, let alone one who'd like to teach this girl a lesson in behaving. The buddy smirks. Lesley grows more scared than ever, as she sees this guy taking off his pants, as he watches her. She feels a cold pit of dread in her stomach because she knows she's helpless.

"Don't you dare touch me! I'll scream, and I'll bite you, and you'll regret it!" Lesley yells at him. But he just smirks more as he moves in towards the bed. He knows she's defenceless.

"Who will hear you scream, little lady? If you hurt me, I'll hurt you worse, I promise." He grabs her by the hair and pulls back, hard. Her hands reach up to scratch him, but the pain of having her hair pulled is so painful, she starts to cry. He pushes her down on the bed. "Oh dear, the lady is crying. Maybe she's missing some of this." He forces his erect penis up against her jeans, getting so excited at the thought of all of this. The thought of causing her pain is exciting to him. It's a thrill. An excitement that can't be stopped now. All the whimpering she does, asking him to please stop, just fuels his desire, even more. The buddy helps with undoing Lesley's jeans and pulling them off and her underpants. "Oh such pretty underwear, all nice and frilly. Mm, fresh pussy juice," he says, sniffing them, getting a massive erection at the thought of fucking her.

As he fingers her, she is crying and whimpering and saying, "stop, please stop, I don't want this, stop." He sees some blood there, on his fingers, and that is exciting to him. It's like blood in a shark's nose, for him, to see it. Eagerly, he penetrates her, enjoying it so much. Roughly, hard, eager, forcing his penis deep into her, he loves this. The stiffness of her body as she tries to force him away. All the while, he is pulling back, hard, on her hair. The pain, the agony, the fear she feels, is immense. There is no love here. No tenderness at all. It's a raping of not only her body but her soul. She cries bitter tears, praying to you to hear her cries. She prays to Jesus too, asking for comfort. It's no help, at this time.

The buddy has his turn next as the first guy gets dressed. All the time, a gun is trained on her, and her head is pulled back. So, there is no escaping this torture of the body they inflict upon her. She is helpless in their wanton misuse of her body. A crime of the spirit that she can't do anything about. After he's finished with her, the buddy pulls away, and flicks himself clean. Getting dressed, he jokes with the other guy that yeah, she was a decent lay but man, sure didn't do much to help them. She lays there, curled into a ball now, feeling so dirty, defenceless and broken as a human being. "So, lady, where's the linking books? You tell us, or we shoot you, now, here, and we lay in wait for Mr. Knight in Shining Armour to come back, and find you dead, and then make him tell us where they are. Talk!" At that, Lesley has to gather her strength from somewhere.

"They are not getting the linking books! I can't let them shoot Gareth! No!" says Lesley, to herself. "You think I'm going to tell you where they are? Are you an idiot?" He gives her a good swat across the face.

"You tell me, bitch!" He is furious with her. His swat sends her staggering off the bed. She cowers there, afraid. But she's closer to the gun now, on the floor. The guys haven't seen it because it's tucked up beside the bed, at the head of it, against the wall. It's not obvious, at first glance.

Meanwhile, you have returned in the truck, from your errands. You see their car parked there, beside Lesley's, and know they are in the Cleft area. So, you are very cautious in your return. You peer over the edge of the Cleft and hear voices. So, you quickly climb down the ladder, and then crouching down, you go to the kitchen. You arm yourself with a knife. Holding it in front of you, you creep towards the bedroom area. You hear Lesley scream and a man shouting, "you tell me, bitch!" Then you hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh again, and her moan of pain. You want to scream out, "STOP! STOP the torture!" But then you hear him say, "I'll shoot you dead and then I'll shoot the knight in shining armour too, when he comes back, and finds you dead. Then we'll tear this place apart to find them. I know they are here!" So, you know they have guns, this time.

"Oh my god, what do I do? How can I call them off Lesley, and get them out here?" you think. The worry you have for Lesley is full in your mind, but that has to be pushed aside now. The dilemma of what to do to save her, and yourself, and quickly, is foremost in your mind. You know she's got a gun in there and that it's loaded. "So, I'll have to draw them out here, somehow, and let her get to the gun, somehow. Dear Lord, please let this work. Please save Lesley, I love her so much." You realize that you've spoken to the Lord for the first time, in a long time. You gather some pebbles, forming a plan at the same time. You need to get at least one of them out here, and then the other one to be distracted. You remember some firecrackers you have in the kitchen. Working quickly, you get them into a tin can that you empty out and dry out. Then with that set and ready, you light the long fuse. You quickly run back, quietly to the bedroom area, ready to attack the first one who comes out.

As the fuse burns out and the firecrackers light up, you tense up, getting ready for the action. As expected, the buddy sticks out his head. He's curious as to what is making the banging noises, after all. He walks out and comes down the stairway. His attention is where the noise is coming from and not on you. You realize that, and come towards him, from behind, quietly and efficiently. You clamp your hand over his mouth and put the knife at his throat. "Make a sound and I slit your throat, buddy!" you hiss into his ear. "Now, move!" You quickly escort him to the far end of the Cleft into the kitchen, all the while holding the knife steady over his throat. When you get there, you relieve him of the gun, and pointing it at him, you then retrieve the duct tape. Forcing him down, you use some plastic cable ties on his wrists, behind his back and on his ankles. A quick rip of the duct tape and it's over his mouth and another length of it for his eyes. "Now, stay here and you'll live!" you whisper, then you are off again, eager to get the bastard who hurt Lesley, you're sure.

Returning again, to just below the bedroom, you hear the idiot say "what is taking him so long to find out what that noise is? Hey you, bitch, get up and look out, for me, and tell me if you see him." He figures that's safer, that way. You see her look out and try to catch her eye. She sees you but doesn't make a move. She knows there is a gun trained on her and that the idiot isn't afraid to use it. You are shocked to see her naked from the waist down, blood on her legs, her shirt open, her bra showing, and her face looking beaten up again.

"I don't see him. Go find him yourself," she says in a flat, hard voice and goes and sits at the head of the bed. What he doesn't realize is that she is now very close to the gun. He stands there, indecisive, wondering what to do and where his buddy is. He takes a quick peek out of the doorway, trying to see his buddy. He calls to him. That's the break she's been waiting for. She grabs the gun and thanks the Lord, and you, for showing her, the other night, how to cock it, and shoot it, if necessary. She doesn't say anything, until she's got it steady, ready, aimed, and cocked. The click alerts him that something is up. "Drop your gun," she yells, alerting you to the fact that she's got the gun in her hands. As he stands there, indecisive now, as what to do, you creep up the staircase. You enter the room and see her there, gun at the ready, and him facing her now. You silently creep up and then grab him around the neck and get the knife there, at the throat. Lesley doesn't let the gun drop but walks slowly towards him and takes the gun out of his suddenly limp hands. She knows you are in control of him but she really wants to hurt this man badly. The longing to shoot him is very strong within her. "You bastard!" she screams at him. "You bastard, for raping me. I want to shoot you, I want to kill you, I want you to suffer, like you made me suffer. You bastard!" she screams. You pale in shock, at her words, spit out at this guy you've got a hold of.

"Rape? Oh my god, they raped her? How dare they do that to her! A poor, defenceless girl and they raped her. Oh my god, it would be so easy to slit this man's throat. How can I stop myself? How do I stay strong, and not hurt him, like I want to hurt him!" are the thoughts racing through your mind. But you say, the words hissing out, "I'm not going to slit your throat like you deserve. But I am going to hurt you for a minute." You step back and kick him hard in the back of the knees, causing him to fall to the ground, as his legs buckle. Then, as he turns over, lying down, you give him a good kick between the legs where it really hurts. "You ass hole! How dare you treat a lady like that? How dare you rape a woman who never hurt you except in self-defence? You ass hole!" You restrain yourself from kicking him into a senseless ball of flesh.

All the while, Lesley stands there, shotgun steadily trained on him. Tears are running down her face as she weeps, in pain, both physically and mentally. You go to her, and hug her, but both of you are cautious, still, of the danger presented by the man on the floor. Then, you say, "I'm sorry, I have to go get something to tie him up with. Then we're going to get some answers to some questions I have!" She nods, aware that she has to be strong for a while longer. You quickly run to the kitchen, grab the cable ties, and cut the ties on the buddy's legs. You rip off the duct tape over his eyes. Hauling him to his feet, you march him back to the bedroom, where under the watchful eye of Lesley, the other guy sits there, waiting. He's still wincing in pain.

"I'm going to get you, for kicking me in the nuts. Don't you worry, I'm going to get you!" he boasts, as soon as he sees you. You go over and look him in the eye.

"I'll not even bother answering that stupid statement. But what I will say is this. You will give me answers as to why you are here and what you are here for and who sent you, or your friend here, will pay the consequences with his life." You indicate the buddy. This doesn't scare the big brute, you can tell. You proceed to apply cable ties to his wrists, behind his back, and to his ankles. Then you tear off a strip of duct tape and put it across his eyes. You do the same to the buddy.

That done, you proceed to Lesley and take the shotgun from her. Hugging her deeply, you cry a little inside for her. "Your lady wasn't a very good fuck, you know. She whimpers too much for it to be any fun," pipes up the idiot.

"You'll not talk of her in that way, in front of her, or me, you understand," you say, in a quiet, furious voice, in his direction. "Her name is Lesley and she is a person, not an animal, and should be treated kindly, and with love and respect. Something you don't get, obviously." You hug Lesley tightly and whisper to her, "don't mind him, he's just an animal, low-life, person who is trying to get us to do something rash. We have the upper hand now." She nods her head, her tears still flowing. She hugs you tighter, needing your strength more than ever now. You know that she should be seen by a doctor soon, too, and that worries you. But you know that you need answers too. Why are these men here, again, so soon? Why do they want this linking book so badly? How can you get answers quickly, and yet, get help for Lesley, too? Your mind spins with it all, but you are calculating all the time. "Okay, I have a plan Lesley," you whisper again, into her ear. "I'm going to go up top and call for the police to come and pick them up. I'll ask them to send an ambulance too, for you, so that you can get treated quickly, while on the way to the hospital. Because you should be looked at. What I want you to do is this. When I say 'Oh my god, Lesley, you're hemorrhaging blood, we have to get you to the hospital right away,' I want you to come with me, as far as the doorway, then stop. Just crouch down outside and listen to what they say, okay? Left alone, at this time, not knowing what I'll do with them, is likely the best option. Fighting with them, trying to get out the answers, isn't the smartest idea. Mind games is the ticket, I believe. That okay with you?" You look at her, your heart melting at the sight of Lesley with tears upon her beaten up face, and her body naked, and abused. She mutely nods, too tired and scared to speak. Kissing her, you whisper, "Don't worry, I'll get you the help you need. Don't worry, stay strong. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready," she whispers back, in a tiny voice, weak with fatigue. You flash a brief smile at her, swelling her heart with love. She feels such love for you. You step back from her, and hold up your hand.

"You should get dressed Lesley," you say, in a normal voice, now. "You'd feel better that way, having some clothes on, I'm sure."

"Yes, okay, I'll get dressed now," Lesley replies, not sure where you are going.

"Oh my god, Lesley, the blood is just gushing of you now!" you suddenly cry. "We have to get you to the hospital right away or you'll die of blood loss. Come on!" You take her by the arm, gently and the two of you, smiling at each other, quickly make your leave. The buddy speaks up.

"Hey, what about us. Are you just going to leave us here?"

"Don't worry, I'll be back," you say, on your way down the stairs. You pause, looking at Lesley crouched there, just outside the door. You smile at her, wanting to give her hope, courage, and support. She looks so small, weak, and defenceless, sitting curled up like that. But you know you have to call the police and get an ambulance there, for her, soon. Waving your hand at her, you then run to the ladders, and climb out quickly. You call 911 and tell them your girlfriend has been attacked. The attackers are being restrained, and your girlfriend needs an ambulance pretty bad. On the phone, you're calm and composed, but inside you're seething angry at what they did to Lesley. A deep seated anger that you'll have to let out at some point, you know, but so far, you can keep a lid on it.

Meanwhile, Lesley is waiting there. There is silence for about a minute. "What should we do?" asks the buddy, in a plaintive voice. He's at a loss.

"Well, we should try and escape, shouldn't we," says the other, in a "why don't you ask another another stupid question?" sounding voice. "Can you move at all?"

"No, he pulled the cable ties really tight and my hands can't move at all. You?"

"No, can't move my hands, but I could try and get along on my knees maybe, to the wall and get the damn tape off my eyes. Man, this is bugging me, not being able to see!" He tries, and fails to get to his knees. They are truly hogtied, for the moment, unable to do anything to escape. Realizing this, they sit there a moment. "Why didn't that bitch cave in? Why didn't she give us the damn book? Shit, it wouldn't have been so complicated then." Lesley's ears perk up at this line.

This is all that I've written so far. I hope that the will to write comes back, and that I'll enjoy it again. I can't say, when, or if, I'll continue. Let me know if you like it, or love it, or hate it. Thanks.


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