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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Continued from Chapter 11

After a long time in Relto, where you both recover from the shock and dismay of the day's events, then you return to the Cleft, when your tummy starts to rumble. You speak of it, and she agrees that it is time to return to the Cleft.

Once there, you both prepare dinner. It is a nice time to cook with someone else and have the meal ready in short order. As you eat, your mind is going over, again, the plan for safety you have been mulling over, while lying on the blanket in Relto. "Let's put your Relto book in another hiding spot, okay, and then if either of us needs it, we'll have quick access to it?" She nods her head.

"Where did you think would be wise?" she asks, head tilted to the side, wondering what you have in mind. She's been eating up, hungrily, starving for good food for herself.

"Here," you indicate with your hand, "is a good spot to put it." It's behind the row of batteries that you use for power. There is a little, narrow platform they sit on, and you can just squeeze the book under it, so that even by just looking back there, you can't see it without reaching for it.

"Yes, good place!" she states, with a smile on her face. "Now, how are we going to ensure that we don't get attacked again, for those books that aren't here?" She has a worried look on her face.

"Hmm, well, I've been thinking out a plan. I think I should set up a simple trip wire at the bottom of the ladder. That way, you and I will know it's there, but others won't, thereby sounding an alarm. She nods her head, thinking that a good idea. "I'll also bring my shotgun down here and have it beside the bed, just in case." Your face is set in a stern, forbidding look. Angry at having to resort to using that dreadful tool, but practical too. Not an easy decision, but a wise one, you realize. You head off immediately to the ladder, to climb up and get it and the box of shells from the truck . As you climb out of the Cleft, she is left there, thinking her own thoughts.

'How can I help protect us? What can I contribute to this mess we've in? Where can my knowledge help us in some way?" are her thoughts, as she stands, mute, at the doorway of the kitchen, regarding the ladder out. She's at a loss for a minute. She's not religious by any means. But despite her anger at the hypocrites in the church she still feels a sense of peace when she asks for help. So, she says a small prayer for safety and help in this time of need. Then she goes out. She spies her groceries still lying on the Cleft floor. Gathering them, she returns to the kitchen and puts them away. Meanwhile, she is still thinking of what to do to protect you both. She comes up with a plan.

"I'm back," you announce, walking into the kitchen with the shotgun in hand. She turns to look at you.

"What do you think of this idea?" she says. "We'll get some old clothes and stuff them with something and place them in your bed to look like we are there, in bed. We'll keep your trunk locked again, as well, thereby still letting anyone think the books are still there. We'll sleep in my room, with a row of small rocks hanging from the edge of the curtain for a slight protection. At least, then, we'd hear if they came into the room while we were there." You smile at her inventiveness.

"Yes, those are all wonderful ideas! For a trip wire, I was thinking of a thin wire, attached to a tin can with a few rocks in it. So, then the can would rattle with the wire moving." You grin at her, liking both of your ideas, for safety.

"Yes, we can use the can from the beans we had tonight for supper!" she exclaims. She digs it out of the garbage can and goes out to the Cleft floor. Gathering pebbles she fills the can half-full. Then you put a small hole in the closed end of it and then feed a thin piece of wire through the hole and then encircle the can with it, thereby anchoring that end of the wire. Then you tape the open end shut with duct tape. Taking the thin wire roll and the can out to the ground right near the bottom of the ladder, you wind the wire around the ladder bottom. You use some rocks to hold up the wire at just about ankle length. Then place the can in a hollow area, against the wall, where it's not noticeable. She smiles at your handiwork. "That's great work, Gareth, and I think that will work well."

Next, you go to your room, and lock the trunk again, thereby making it look like the linking books are still within its safety. Lesley uses some sheets wadded up and stuffs a couple of pants, and two tops to make "bodies" for the bed. For heads on the "bodies" you use pillows tied around with string. "There, does that look good?" she asks as she finishes arranging the covers up around the "bodies". You smile and nod your agreement.

Next, Lesley uses some thread to sew on some little pockets at the bottom of the curtain covering the door of her room. She works quickly, sure of herself with her needle that she retrieved from her little sewing kit in her backpack. You go out and gather small pebbles again. Together, you pour the pebbles into the pockets. They make a satisfying little jingle as you move the curtain even slightly, testing it. "There, that should announce someone visiting us, uninvited," you say, with a sense of pleasure in your voice.

"Yes, hopefully, we'll get some sleep tonight," is Lesley's comment. It is deep night now, the moon not as full. Lesley lights the coal oil lamp. You get yourselves settled in the room. It's not as big as your room but it's got the same size sleeping platform with a nice mattress. You both get ready for bed, with the shotgun close at hand, and then climb into bed. It's nice once you're there with her, under the covers, cuddling. After a nice kiss, you both fall asleep. But neither of you sleep well, wary of any sound in the night, hoping against hope not to hear the sound of the pebbles in the can.

As she awakes, the light tells her that it's morning. She's happy that you both had a decent nights sleep despite the worry of the day before. Turning her head, she see you still asleep, on your stomach, head turned away. Not wanting to disturb you, she stays there, curling on her side, to watch you sleeping. Her mind goes over the last day. Her face hurts and her body is sore from the punching and the bruising. She can see by just looking at her arms that they are bruised. As you awake, you become aware of her lying there beside you, after you turn your head. You smile at her. "Good morning! I guess we got through the night without any nasty visitors, thankfully."

"Yes, that's a good thing, always." As she is speaking, she's also moving into the circle of your arms and reaching her face towards yours for a nice kiss good morning. You lean back and regard her face.

"Wow, lots of bruising now. Are you sore all over?"

"Yes, I'm a bit stiff and sore, but I'll live. Am I ugly with the bruises on my face?"

"Of course not!" you vehemently deny. "You're still the beautiful girl that I love, and who is so brave." You lean in for another kiss. She kisses you back and arches her body into yours. It's an open invitation this morning. You sense her mood, by the way her hand is on your face, and the way her body keeps pressing into yours. She's not breaking the contact at all. "Hmm, would my lovely lady like something? What, on earth, could that be?" you tease her. She giggles and smacks your shoulder gently.

"I want you," she says boldly, but still a bit shy. But then, she sits right up and takes off her pyjamas, right there. Just throws them onto the floor and then kneels there on the bed naked and smiles at you. "Yeah, I want you. Want me?" She beckons with a finger.

"Hmm, let me see. Would I like to have a nice screw with my lady, or get up and eat some food? Which should I choose?" You ponder the question, finger on your lips, playing with her. She's smiling at you, breasts naked, her lovely, lithe body on display for you. You suddenly pounce on her, and hug her, and fall back to the mattress, holding onto her. "I choose you," you say, and then kiss her, hard and demanding like, on the lips. She's kissing you back just as hard, pleased at your choice. It's a fun time but a heated moment too, where you are stoking each other's desire. She helps you off with your pyjamas soon after.

Kissing her way down your body is a fun thing for her to do. You enjoy watching her touching you in so many places. She's like a hungry lioness over your body, desiring you. Then she sits on you and you slip into her. Hands locked together, she stares at you. Throwing back her head, she moans that lovely deep moan of a woman who is satisfied in a deep way. So nice to see her on top of you, swaying. She leans forward for you to catch her breast in your mouth. "Mm, Gareth, that is so wonderful," she exclaims. You build up to a lovely climax. As you slow down, she sinks to your chest and kisses you deeply. Her eyes are closed. The feelings of love, trust, and pleasure are all there in her lithe body, as she lays on you. "That was amazingly good feeling," she says, softly, as she lays there. "It was different feeling, and nice, and sooooo hot." She smiles at you.

"Mm, yes, very hot for a man to have a woman undress for him, and ask him, in no uncertain terms, to make love to her," you say, teasing her.

She laughs and says, "yeah, I wasn't very shy this morning, was I?" She winks at you. You both erupt in laughter, enjoying this silly banter between you. It's light, and funny, and very silly. After a little cuddle, she looks up at you and whispers, "try number one for a baby huh?" and then giggles. Laughing as well, you kiss her. But it's a tender time too. Because you know that she's stopped taking the birth control pills. You want it to work for her, just as much as she does.

Breakfast is made together, this morning, with laughter, and joy present in the air. It's another beautiful day, but a bit chilly. It's late September now, and in the mornings, and evenings, the air has a nip to it, now. Within the month you know, you'll have to move to the house, where you'll spend the winter. You bring this up with her. "By the end of October, it'll be a bit cold to be here. So, I'll be moving to the house in towards town. Would you like to come and see it with me?"

"Oh really? That soon? I didn't realize that you couldn't live in the Cleft for longer than a few months of the summer and fall!"

"Yes, it gets just too cold for comfort to stay here," you reply, reaching out for her. You've just finished drying the dishes, and are holding the dish towel, still. But, she comes willingly into your arms. A soft hug together, a gentle kiss and a short time of togetherness. "This is lovely, having you here," you say, softly nuzzling her neck. Your heart pounds for this beautiful woman now. Her scent, her movements, her beauty, even when bruised, is captivating for you. She's caught you in her web, you know, and you're completely content to be there.

"I miss coffee," she says, as you break apart. "I used to have morning coffee, and lattes, and watch television in the evenings. I do miss those things a bit but honestly not a great deal." You smile at her, as she lists the things she misses.

"Well, I've got a television at the house, but no satellite connection. I just don't watch enough of it to warrant the cost," you say, shrugging your shoulders.

"Yeah, I can understand that," she says, smiling at you. "Don't worry, I'll not make you get it for me." She rolls her eyes in laughter.

"Ha, well, if you want it, you can pay for it!" you say, joking now with her. Her face takes on a serious look.

"Yes, I'll have to think of looking for work, won't I? Or finding some way of getting some money in. I mean, I've got some savings yes, but not enough to live on, without some coming in regularly."

"Well, don't worry about that right away, let's enjoy some free time with each other, while we're here at the Cleft, and worry about the nasty details of modern life and money in a week or so, okay?"

She nods her head. "That's sounding pretty darn nice. I don't miss phones at all!" Her voice emphasizes the word phones. "Gareth, I so appreciate you offering me a place to stay and then letting me into your heart and your life like this. I feel so amazingly alive now. I feel like a new woman reborn, with hope. Thank you!" You step towards her, and capture her again in your arms. Wordlessly, her arms link around your neck and your hands sit on her hips. You kiss each other again. Long, slow, loving kisses.

"No, thank you, you beautiful woman, for coming into my life. You are what I needed, more than ever, and didn't realize. I needed you and you came. Thank you." Again, it's a very tender, loving moment between you where tears are at the brink of her eyes. You stare at each other, feeling the closeness. Then you hug, so aware of needing each other.

"So, what should we do today? How's the ankle feel this morning? Are you thinking of walking to the cave?" she asks, firing off the questions rapidly, mind churning, as she breaks away after the tender moment. Your mind changes gears as well, thinking about your ankle. You test it, and evaluate how it feels.

"Hmm, it's a bit sore when I really rotate it. I'd think another day of not walking would be better on it. Why don't we go and see the house and see if it's okay, for now?" you ask her, eyebrows raised in question.

"Sure, let's take it easy today, and have a picnic lunch on Relto, maybe afterwards?

"Yes, that sounds like a good plan! I'd love to do that, with you." You reach and cup her cheek with your hand, running your thumb over her cheek. "Let's get ready and head off to the house first, okay?" She nods, and turns and heads off to get changed. You get the keys you'll need, for the house, from your study. You've not been there since the spring. Sharing the house with your grandmother was nice but it's been lonely since she passed on. So, inside, you're excited at showing it to Lesley. You want her to like it. She arrives back, to find you standing there thinking.

"What are you thinking of?" she asks.

"Oh, just my grandmother and how she hated to leave the Cleft in the fall. She missed living here. It was lonely in the house without her, after she passed away."

"Ah, yes, I'd imagine so. Well, I'm sorry for your loss," she says, coming over and holding your hand. She gazes into your eyes.

"Yes, I miss her," you say, simply then turn away, walking out. Lesley follows you.

You climb to the desert floor and Lesley joins you. Together, hand in hand, you walk to the truck. Opening the door for her, you smile as she climbs in. Then you get in on your side. After starting it, you both put on your seatbelts. Then you drive off.

The house is in fine shape, you find, except a bit dusty. But that's soon cleaned up. The furniture is covered with cloths, to protect it. But you enjoy showing Lesley around. It's an old Victorian style house, built in the western style with a wide verandah for sitting upon. So, after retrieving a can of frozen juice from the freezer, you make up some lemonade for the two of you. Sitting on the verandah, you talk for a while. About how the house came into your possession because of a deal your grandmother made with a local man. How, in her old age, it was easier for her to deal with the stairs than the ladder at the Cleft. But how she, also stubbornly insisted on visiting there until the last few days of her life. "How did she die?" Lesley asks, gently.

"She got a bacterial infection that wasn't treated fast enough. It killed her quickly and painlessly, I believe," you say, shrugging your shoulders. "Her foot got a severe cut when she dropped a glass and being the type she was, she didn't see a doctor. It should have had stitches in it." You tell the story in a flat voice, emotionless, the telling of it painful but necessary. "So, not knowing how serious a cut it was until a day after the fact, the damage was done. I took her to the doctor, who put her in the hospital, but within a couple of days, the infection killed her. Such a tragedy." You sound so sad. Lesley reaches out and grips one of your hands, in sympathy.

"Oh my, such a senseless death of a very special lady," she says, sadly.

"Yes," you reply, simply. For a short time, there is silence between you. "Well, let's get these glasses washed and head back to the Cleft, okay? I'd like to make a picnic lunch and enjoy some quality Relto time with my lovely lady. You smile at her.

"Sure, let's do it," she replies.

After you return to the Cleft, she makes the lunch, with your help. Then you retrieve the Relto book you hid underneath the batteries. She links first with a smile. You link right after her. Once there, you walk to the far end, spreading a blanket for the two of you, to sit upon. She smiles her thanks and settles down, getting comfortable. You hand out the freshly made sandwiches, hungry for food. "Mm, thank you!" murmurs Lesley, after her first bite. "These are so good! I love smoked meat with mustard and lettuce and cheese." You nod, your mouth full too.

Afterwards, sitting on the blanket, crunching on an apple, you are both silent. Minds busy with your own thoughts. You lay down and have a nap, on the blanket, enjoying the peacefulness of this place. It's nice feeling peaceful here, with her beside you. A very pleasant time. After you wake up our mind goes over, once again, the cave and the discovery. "What was the purpose of him being there? Why? Why was he there without climbing equipment? How did he get there?" Your mind churns with questions, again. As she sees you sleeping, her mind is on you, remembering making love to you, your grandmother, and your wife. All the things she's learned about you, are going through her mind.

After a couple of hours you get up and stretch. "Well, that was a pleasant, lovely break, wasn't it? Let's try and get back to the Cleft soon, however. I should do some map work for a couple of hours today, to keep up my skills." She nods, and within a few minutes, you are linking out again, back to the Cleft.

You get to work, in your study, working on a custom map for a customer. It's not a rush job, but a job that should be done, at some point. You use pencils and rulers and refer to the topographical maps on hand. It's detailed work and requires concentration. She's gone off to the room you two are using now. Sitting on the bed, she writes in her diary for a short while and then sits and dreams again. "Oh, how much I want a baby in here," and she gently rubs her tummy and smiles. A deeply held dream that just may be realized, soon, she hopes. Then her tummy starts to rumble so she heads to the kitchen, to prepare dinner.

"Gareth, dinner is almost ready, okay?" she says, poking her head into your study.

"Oh, okay! Will be there in a few minutes. Let me just finish here and put my stuff away," you reply, smiling at her. This is really nice, you realize, having dinner all made for you, with a lovely lady for company, to boot. You remark on that fact as you sit down. She blushes prettily.

The two of you do up the dishes together, afterwards, and then, as a nice closer to the day, you play the guitar for a short while. She admires your skill at playing. Then you head to bed, together, again, hoping for no night visitors of the human kind.

Continued in Chapter 13


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