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Friday, December 15, 2006

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Continued from Chapter 7

The next morning, you wake up slowly and become aware of her beside you. She's still asleep. Her hair is spread out on the bed, looking like a soft cloud around her head. Her face is peaceful in repose. The soft, early morning light is gentle on her skin. You get out of bed, trying not to disturb her. You dress quickly and pick up your keys slowly and gently so that they won't rattle. Looking down at her, you smile. Then you take your keys and carefully unlock the chest and remove a linking book to the Age you want to test. You lock the chest again. Making your way to the kitchen, with a limp, you grab something to eat quickly for breakfast. You pack a lunch. Then you write her a note.

I've gone on a journey to that Age that I was discussing last night. Please don't worry about me. I'll try to return by the end of today but if I'm not back, don't worry. Make yourself at home, and you're welcome to take the truck and go into town, if you'd like. I'll hope you'll enjoy your day. Take care.



You take the truck keys off your key ring and leave them beside the note that is propped up on the counter. Then you link out. The sick, linking feeling lurches your stomach as you feel yourself sucked into the vortex of the linking panel. It's not a pleasant feeling but soon over with. You materialize in your testing Age and get to work.

Lesley wakes up slowly. She's not exactly sure where she is, for the first minute. Then, as she come to, she recalls why she's in your bed. She smiles and curls around. But doesn't see you there. Her face falls and the smile disappears. "Where is he?" is the thought on her mind almost instantly. But as she quickly dresses, her mind is still on the night before. Inside, she's smiling still at the feelings and the knowledge that yes, she's a woman now in every sense of the word. It's a warm glow. At the back of her mind is the thought that now, perhaps, the dream of a baby isn't so far away as to be too painful to think about. But she doesn't allow herself to go there.

She walks to the kitchen, expecting to see you there. Her eyes spy your note and she reads it. Her face loses its smile that appeared when she saw the note sitting there. Talking to herself, she mutters, "He's gone already and I didn't get a chance to say good luck. I do hope he's all right." With that behind her, she sets about making breakfast for herself, and a cup of tea. "Mm, I do love a cup of tea," crosses her mind once she's poured a steaming mug and is standing at the doorway surveying the Cleft. The sun is shining now, and the little violets are opening their faces toward the light.

Her mind goes over the last few days as she leans in the doorway sipping her tea. She smiles and sighs. She's a happy woman now. Not filled with angst and worry any more but satisfied. She decides that she'll take you up on your offer of your truck, and take herself to town. She puts on a bit of makeup, quickly, and gets her wallet from her knapsack. She climbs out of the Cleft and makes her way to the truck. It starts easily.

Soon, she's on her way into town, with a grocery list also in her pocket. "May as well get what we need while I'm there," is her thought. She's humming along with the radio as she drives. She goes first to the garage where her car has been worked on. She asks if it's fixed. Once she has a look at the repair bill, she pays for the repairs. "Thanks very much for doing the work," she thanks the mechanic. "Can I leave the car here until I get another person to drop me off here to pick it up?" He agrees and that's that. It's settled that the car will stay in his lot until she returns for it.

With that worry off her mind, she goes shopping. She says hi to Sarah, at the store, who eyes her, with questions exploding in her head. She picks up the groceries she thinks you may need for the both of you. She also picks up a few novels from the bookstand. "For reading while he's gone off exploring," is her thought. It's a fun time for her as she explores the little town. There isn't much there. It's a basic small town with a gas station that is also the garage, a grocery store that is a post office, video rental, and gossip centre, all in one. There is a dentist's office and a lawyer's office as well, with a few small mom and pop shops scattered along the length of the one main street. It's a dusty place, with not much life. She gets the feeling of eyes watching her, unseen, but still there. Suspicious, sort of, but not unfriendly. She shakes off the shivers she gets and gets back into the truck with the groceries.

After she returns to the Cleft, and puts away the groceries, she has lunch. Once that's done, the silence gets to her. "How on earth did Gareth live here alone for so many months with no one about? How does he do that?" She picks up one of the novels she bought and begins to read it. She sits in a patch of sunlight on one of the ledges. It's a warm, cozy spot. It's a good way to pass the time. But her attention drifts away from the book. "Maybe I could have a child now, with Gareth, as the father," is her thought, as she sits there. For years now, she's lived with the very real possibility of never having a child to love, of her own. She didn't want to adopt, having the work of being a single mum and trying to earn a living, as well. But, now, suddenly, life has given her a chance. Her thoughts keep going over that possibility.

As the shadows lengthen, and the Cleft begins to darken, she begins to realize her stomach is growling. "I'll make some dinner and hopefully Gareth will return and we may eat together." She prepares a nice stir fry and eats it, alone. She feels lonely now, without you there. It is a growing darkness without you. Not just a physical loneliness, but a mental one as well. As though, with your presence, she gains strength, somehow. She washes up the dishes, and puts your dinner in the fridge. Then, she stands at the doorway of the kitchen. She leans there, again, loving the feeling of warmth that the rocks give off. The night sky is just discernible above the edge of the cliff. The stars are little twinkling masses in the giant, velvet blue expanse of the evening sky. It is a moment of feeling so tiny, so alone in this world for her. She shivers, drawing her arms about her. "I need him to be here, with his arms around me, to feel whole again," she thinks to herself.

She makes her way to your room. She throws herself upon your bed and gathers your pillow to her, hugging it tightly. Tears seep out from beneath her lashes. She wishes fiercely "Oh Gareth, I hope you are okay. I want you to come back tonight." She lies there, grasping your pillow as tightly as she can, to her breast, and breathes in your scent. It's just faintly there. It's warm and comforting, in a way, but also sad, because you are not there in the flesh. She is trying to gather strength from the thought that yes, you'll come back. Continuing to cry softly, the tears slipping out from under her lashes, the worry in her mind overwhelms the thought that you'll be okay. The minutes stretch out into the half hour, and then she sleeps, the tears drying up upon her face, the worry gone from her mind.

You have been working hard all day, only stopping for eating. While you were eating, you allowed yourself to think of Lesley. "I do hope she's not finding the Cleft lonely without me." You realize that yes, you do miss her, when you stop to think about her. You wonder what she is up to. You continue your work, taking measurements and readings. At last, you finish. You link back to the Cleft not aware of how long you've been there, working. It is the dark, deep night in the Cleft. You materialize in the same spot from where you linked out this morning, in the kitchen area. You are aware that it is late night there. You make your way to your room, slowly, upon your bad ankle. As you enter your room your eyes fall on your bed. Upon it, there is Lesley laying sound asleep in a curled ball, a pillow still firmly clenched in her arms, her hands lying softly upon the bed. Your face breaks into a gentle smile. You quickly undress yourself, and put on your pyjamas. Then you carefully lift her from the bed, and place her under the covers. She wakes up just long enough to realize what is happening.

"Oh Gareth, you're home," she says, sleepily. She reaches to you with her arms. You willingly go to her, feeling her embrace. Your lips meet in a kiss. It's a sleepy one, full of love and trust. She's so tired that she can barely keep her eyes open but yet, the excitement of having you back is present there too, within her. "How did it go?" she asks.

"We'll talk about it in the morning," you say, with a smile on your face, and a light feeling in your heart. She falls asleep again, quickly, content with your answer. You lay there, holding her, while she sleeps. Sleep is elusive for you this night as your mind travels over the day. It's been a long day but a fulfilling one too, because you've gotten the results you wanted. Somehow, coming home here, to have this woman here, in your bed, is just the perfect ending to a good day. With that thought entrenched in your mind, you snuggle under the covers a little more deeply and hug her a bit closer. Then, sleep slowly overtakes you as the scent of her flows over you, like a soft stream.

continued in Chapter 9


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