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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Continued from Chapter 5

As you lay there, on the bed with her, kissing, your mind thinks of something important. "Um, Lesley, I should bring this up. Are you on birth control at all?" It's a little pause, coming up for air, in this lovely pursuit of happiness between you.

"Actually, yes, I am. Surprisingly enough, since I've never done this before. But yes, I am, for hormones." She reaches her mouth again to yours, eager to show you how much she wants you. You smile as your lips cover hers again.

"I'm glad to hear that. It makes things easier," you say, as you take your lips away from hers, and kiss your way down her neck. Such a lovely lady to taste, you find. It is natural between you two, with no real shyness, but a feeling of natural consequences. Hearing her moans, as you stroke her, are a special music for you. Seeing her there, eyes locked on yours, trusting you, you feel such caring for her. Lovely, in every sense of the word.

As the feeling of urgent desire is replaced by a soft satisfaction, she sighs. She lays, naked, on your bed. You lie together, talking softly. The rush of adrenaline is gone from your bodies. The urgency you felt has relinquished its hold and in its place is a feeling of calm serenity. "Are you comfortable?" you ask her, gently teasing her, as you kiss along her jaw line. Your mouth captures hers in a deep kiss. Your tongues play together, in a meaningful way, as the kiss lengthens. Her face is a bit red, from your beard scratching her face, slightly. She looks well-kissed as you pull back and survey her. What you see is a beautiful woman who has given herself to you, who lies in your bed with not a care in the world, and who reaches again for your mouth.

"Mm I'm feeling wonderful, Gareth," she says, letting out another contented sounding sigh. "But I should explain something now, to you. Can I explain to you why I'm on birth control pills?" She looks you in the eye, steadily.

"Of course you can," you say, stopping to capture another kiss from her delicious lips.

"I have endometriosis, which is the growth of uterine tissue outside of the uterus. It's painful, in the extreme, most months, to the point of agony. There are no treatments essentially for it, except for relieving the pain, and shrinking or slowing the growths by taking the oral hormones via birth control pills. It's not likely I'll ever get pregnant." As she finishes and you hear her story, you are struck by the seriousness of this disease. "It's a silent, awful experience that I've lived with for most of my life. I hate it," she continues. Suddenly, the soft, gentle mood of lovemaking has been replaced by the grim reality of a disease that you can't cure with a snap of your fingers.

"I'm so sorry to hear this Lesley," you say, at a loss for words. "What is the best thing for you to do?"

"Well, honestly, the best thing is to have it diagnosed, first of all. I've had that done. I've had surgery too, to remove most of it. But the best thing is to get pregnant, honestly. That stops the ovulation cycle from occurring, completely. But, so far, I've not had a man around, for that to happen. So, not an option, in my case." She looks away, embarrassed, yet realistic, at her situation. You mull this over for a minute.

"So, what you're saying is that you've had the surgery, and there is a chance that you may become pregnant, at some point?" you ask her, wanting her to clarify this point.

"Yes, that's correct. But, who would want me, after all? Just a lady who's damaged goods." She starts to cry, softly, feeling very sad.

"Oh Lesley, I want you. You're so special, already to me. I want to help you. Heck, if making you pregnant is what you want, I'll be happy to help," you say, in a rush, suddenly wanting to give this woman everything you can. An overwhelming sense of love rushes through you for her, at her pain and distress. She looks at you.

"Really? You're not just saying that, to make me feel better, are you? Are you serious, truly?" she asks, watching you closely. She barely dares to trust you, hoping against hope this slim thread of hope is what she is truly hearing.

"Of course I am, otherwise I'd not say it," you say, seriously, meaning it. Her face breaks into a smile and she reaches up to kiss you.

"That's so lovely of you. Well, let's think about this for a time, okay? Let our brains get around the idea, before we do, and say something, too rash." You gather her into your arms and the two of you lay there, naked, in body and in spirit, holding each other. So close now. Again, you've shared something very deep between you.

After a short time, you say, "What would you like to do now?" She smiles at you.

"What I'd really love now is a back scratch. Could you give me a nice scratch?" She rolls over onto her tummy. You admire the curve of her hip, the swell of her firm behind. You start to scratch and she says, softly, "Oh that's perfect, thanks so much, ah, that feels wonderful." Your fingers gently and firmly scratch her back up and down, all over and she keeps letting out little sighs of enjoyment. You feel totally content as well, enjoying pleasing her with your touch. She rolls to face you and presents her lips again for a kiss, then says, "Thank you for that. Can I return the favour?"

"Ah, yes, that would be lovely," you reply, with a grin and a quick kiss on her lips. You settle yourself down on your tummy. As her fingers scratch your back, it feels so good. You feel connected to her in a deep, fundamental way.

"There, is that just right for you?" she asks, continuing her gentle scratching.

"Ah, yes, it's wonderful, don't stop for a few minutes," you mutter, your head buried in the pillows. "It feels so good to have your back scratched, doesn't it?" Her hand stops the scratching and starts caressing you. It's a insignificant movement of her hand.but you sense the change in her movements. You roll to face her. Her lips find yours, and again, you're kissing. The mouths play with each other, slanting across, lips nibbling lips, tongues darting.

"You make me feel so good," she whispers as you stroke her body. Your lips travel on her body, awakening all the nerves in her. It's so very hot and sexual between you, as the temperature builds, again. Her soft body is such a lovely turn on for you. Her moans of pleasure are music to your ears. You feel so masculine and virile afterwards, as you lay contentedly, in each others arms."I never knew it was like that," she says, softly, her voice, a mere whisper of sound. "It's so much about pleasing the other person, isn't it? Giving yourself to another is the most fun I've had in my life." She sounds so happy and pleased with herself. "Thank you, Gareth, for that. It's the nicest gift anyone has ever given me."

"Ha, if only all things in life were as easily gifted, to someone," you reply. You're pleased as punch that she enjoyed herself. It was a bit awkward in the beginning but you soon sorted out it with her about where to touch you and how to do it in a way that felt nice for you. Her reaction was completely beautiful to you. It was unscripted pleasure that you'd given her.

"Now I know what the romance novels are talking about with his heated loins, and her moist, nether regions," she said, with a hearty laugh. You laugh uproariously, thinking her humour to be quite funny. It's quiet afterward as you enjoy feeling her breathing. Her head is upon your chest, and she can hear your heart beating. Your chest hair tickles her nose slightly. You break the silence.

"Well, Lesley, I'm glad we waited until you knew as much as you do about me. This way, there can be no hurt feelings, hopefully. I wanted to be honest, and up front with you. It's always better." Your face and voice take on a serious tone.

"Yes, thank you Gareth for being so up front with me. I do appreciate your honesty. But truthfully, it wouldn't have made a whit of difference. Ever heard of this saying 'It takes a minute to meet someone, an hour to know them, a day to love them, and a lifetime to forget them?' That's how I feel about you, Gareth. I'll never forget you were my first." Her eyes have a sheen of moisture at the edges and a single tear drops to the pillow. She's looking you in the eye or trying to, as her mouth trembles.Your heart swells and you hug her to you, tightly.

"Oh Lesley, yes, I've heard that before and it's perfect. I, too, will never forget you, not matter what happens." She sniffs loudly, trying to compose herself but failing miserably.

"I don't want to be weepy and maudlin on you but it's just such a momentous event to realize that you love somebody and you've just made love to that person. God, how do people do it, when they just have sex with each other?"

"Well, Lesley, that's the point. They are just doing it for the animal lust part of it. There is no real meaning or love between them. It's just the physical act. A shell of the loving and caring part of making love. I've had sex before but made love only a few times. Do you see the difference?" Her heads nods in agreement, understanding your point.

"Yes, Gareth, that feeling of our souls touching, feeling your hands all over me, touching all the delicious parts, that was incredible." Her face breaks into the biggest smile as she describes it. She's like a kid in a candy store with the biggest lollipop in hand.You laugh out loud, loving her reaction.

"Well, my lazy, sexy lady, oh, can I call you my lady now? We should be getting out of bed and doing something. Can't lie here all day and make love to you, you know," and you give her a leering look, with a wink. She laughs loudly, and gives your lips a quick kiss.

"Aw, please?" she says, in a pleading tone, with a laugh following on its heels. You playfully swat her bum with your hand as she darts away from you. She dances, naked, in front of you for a minute. Your ankle throbs as you step on it, intent on catching her.

"Ouch, that hurts," you say, wincing.

"Oh Gareth, are you okay?" she says, full of concern as she comes towards you.

You capture her in your arms and say "Gotcha, my trap worked," and you kiss along her neck, arms around her torso, hands on her bum.

"Ha, you tricked me, you devil!" she says, laughing. It's such a joyous feeling to be able to touch her freely, without reservation. You feel bubbly and happy and content with her by your side. It's young love at its finest. You get dressed as she dresses as well. Her clothes are in a neat pile where you helped disrobe her earlier. As she puts on her bra, she blushes, and mutely turns around for you to do it up for her. Your hands do the task for her then you capture her again, from behind, in your arms, folding her into your embrace. Your hands go around her body and feel her breasts once more. It's a hot moment but you don't let yourselves get carried away again on a tide of passion. It's simply a tender moment between two lovers, after the fact. There's an air of contented passion between you two.

"That was really lovely." You kiss her neck and then let her go. She helps you walk to the kitchen again and take a seat. She's got a smile upon her face now. You smile too, knowing why. She makes lunch for you and serves it on the table. You strike up a conversation again about exploring the cave when your ankle feels better. It's a fun time where you strike ideas off each other and get a feeling for the others view. She thinks it wise to wait for a bit before exploring more, because of your injury. You'd like to go back as soon as possible, of course.

"I'd like a doctor to take a look at that ankle if it's not better in a couple of days," she adds.

"Hmm, yes, that may be wise," you answer, absentmindedly. Your mind is focused on the cave and what you found there, again. "Why was he there?" is the question running through your mind again and again. "What was he looking for, where was he going?" She clears the plates and does up the dishes quickly. It's a quick task, then she comes and moves her chair near to yours. She takes your hands in hers.

"Don't worry about your dad. We're going to figure it out in good time, okay?" She smiles as she looks in your eyes. You smile back and pull her face towards you for a kiss. A quick, dry kiss on the lips. Nice and friendly between you two.

"Thanks for your support. I appreciate it," you reply. She brings you your father's papers. You sit and study them farther. You take a nap in the afternoon, resting your ankle. It feels good to sleep for a bit, resting your body and your mind. The leather bag with your father's papers is safely locked up in the trunk, away from prying eyes.

Continued in Chapter 7


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