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Monday, December 11, 2006

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Continued from Chapter 6

That evening, after dinner, you sit and play the guitar. It's a warm evening with the crickets chirping. The warm air is reflected from the heat stored in the rocks. You don't sing but just hum along as you pick out a pattern of notes. It's a quiet, contemplative action that you've been doing for many years, finding some comfort in the music that issues from your fingers and the guitar. Lesley sits and gazes off into space, lost in her own thoughts. You glance over to her, and then set down the guitar. "What are you thinking of?" you ask her, your attention focused on her now. The sound of your voice instead of the silent peace of the guitar music breaks her reverie.

"Hmm, I was just thinking about back East, and if anybody really misses me," she replies, eyes downcast. She's not happy but not terribly sad either. It's an awkward silence after she speaks. You're not sure what to add to the conversation.

"Well, it's their loss and my gain," you say, breaking the silence with a gentle teasing tone. She laughs out loud. It's a pleasing sound that is music to your ears. Her presence has really made a difference in your life for the brief time she's been in it. "I like having you around to talk to. I was lonely after my grandmother passed away, but who would want this?" You spread your hands, wordlessly encompassing the Cleft. She nods, understanding you.

"This is what I needed too, a break away from the mundane office life, the oil reports, the backstabbing. This is getting back to having fun in life again, isn't it?" With that statement, she rises. She comes over and stands beside you. She places her hands on your shoulders and smiles down at you. "Yes, this is what I needed in my life now, for sure." She smiles a deep, secretive smile and then leans down and presses her lips to yours. Your arms raise up and your hands hold her head as you kiss each other. It's a wonderful kiss. So deep and needy on both of your parts.

You stand up and pull her in tight to you. Your hands sit on her hips and the kissing resumes. Her hands are on your shoulders, pulling you into her. Your bodies are tightly fitted together, needing the closeness. "I think we should head to bed, don't you?" she says, seductively, after you both come up for air, after a few minutes of intense, passionate kissing. You smile at her, wanting this woman again.

"Let's go," you command, taking her by the hand and limping your way along. Once in your room, it's so pleasant to once again undress each other in amongst the kisses and the hugs.

"I feel so hot for you," she confesses, blushing like crazy. You don't respond to her, too intent on pulling her down with you to your bed. Her shyness soon disappears as you make her hum with pleasure. In the pleasant aftermath, she sighs in contentment. "How is it that it gets better each time?" she asks, grinning. Her beautiful eyes regard you in their gaze. Her smile is one of soft satisfaction. All is happy in this woman's world. "How can it feel so awesome when it's really just a physical act between two people?"

"Ah well, that is one of the beautiful mysteries of making love, you see. We don't really know why it feels so good. But I do know, practice makes perfect, or so I've been told," you say, with a big grin. Your face is alight with the smile. Exuding a happy sense of contentment, as well. She laughs out loud again, loving that comeback of yours.

"You're funny as heck at times, aren't you, and you like yanking my chain too?" she asks with a cocked eyebrow.

"Guilty as charged ma'am," you reply. There is a lovely, light bantering tone between you two. It's done with very little shyness on her part and a lovely feeling of contentment in the air. Permeating the air is the scent of your lovemaking. It is warm and comfortable on the bed. You're both comfortable in your own skins, naked in front of each other. She rolls to sit on top of you, legs straddling your pelvis, in one quick moment. She leans forward, looking you intently in the eye. Leaning on her hands placed on either side of your head.

"I'd not change a thing about you, you sweet man. I am so glad that my car broke down and that I met you. You've made my life a better place." With that lovely declaration, she leans forward and kisses you on the mouth deeply. You respond to her kisses. Her eyes are closed, intent on the feeling of it. You keep your eyes open, wanting to see her up close. It's a intense moment of love between you. As she break the kiss, she moves to lay with her head on your chest and hugs you tightly. Your arms go around her back and you gently scratch her back, unasked. She says, in a soft voice, "oh that's lovely feeling! Thanks!" It's a soft, gentle action that prolongs the closeness between you both. There is a real air of minds meeting in unison between you two.

She rolls off you and sits, knees pulled up to her chin. "What do you think will happen next with the linking books?" she asks, looking at you. You continue to lay there, and stretch out one hand towards her and place it on her knee. It's a connection between you.

"I need to test the linking books more," you reply, in a serious tone. "I've written these linking books but I'm not sure if they are stable or not. I've got links back but it's a little nerve wracking to experience it. You get a sick feeling as you're sucked into the vortex of the linking panel. Not sure if you'll be able to come back."

"Can I see them?" she asks, in a innocent voice.

"Yes, of course," you say, rising up and retrieving your keys from your pants pocket from where they are lying on the floor. You unlock the chest at the end of your bed. You select a book and open it. You hand it to her and warn her, "don't place your hand on the shimmering panel there otherwise you'll link to the Garden age." She nods, understanding the power of this linking book.

"Amazing stuff!" she exclaims, looking at the book and the shimmering panel. It's like a pane of glass inside the book cover. A shimmery pane of glass that is a linking panel. You stand there, with a bemused expression on your face, happy that this woman whom you've come to admire, and love and care for, doesn't think you a nut for talking about linking books.

"I'm so happy that you actually seem to understand this concept and aren't running away in fright from a nut," you say, with a laugh in your voice.

She laughs too and says, "Hmm, I do like science fiction and this is better than science fiction because it's science real!" You laugh at her description.

"Yes quite true and quite real!" you exclaim. "My father taught me some of it when I was young, but mostly I learned on my own from reading, and the teaching of my grandmother. She was a wonderful teacher indeed."

You take the book away from her, and place it in the trunk. You lock the trunk and place the keys on the bedside table. Then you lay back down again and she snuggles up to you, your bodies pressed together in their length, her head on your shoulder as your arm naturally curves around her. You pull the cover over you both. "This is nice," she says, with a lovely smile on her face, as you feel each others warmth under the cover. It's a warm, cozy feeling of safe haven for you both. Both needing the other to feel complete now, somehow. Not realizing before, what had been missed, but now, feeling all is right in the world.

"In the morning I'd like to try linking to an Age that I've testing," you say, in a serious tone. She looks up at you.

"Are you sure it's safe to do that?" she questions you.

"Hmm, yes, I'm fairly sure I've got the Age written correctly," you reply, smiling. "I'll likely be there most of the day and return at some point. Don't worry too much about me, I've been doing this for a while, don't forget!" You tease her with your tone of voice and she picks up on the teasing tone and laughs.

The two of you let sleep overtake you in each others arms. Her dreams are filled with hot, urgent hands on her body making her feel wonderful. Your body loves the feeling in the night of having her right there. It's a nice thing to have someone share your bed.

Continued in Chapter 8


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