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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Continued from Chapter 8

During the night, the temperature drops. She wakes up enough, to realize that the covers have slipped off her. She's cold and shivering. She adjusts the covers to make herself warm. As you sleep, she presses herself against your long body. "Oh I'm so glad he's back safely," is the thought on her mind as she lays there. Her arm is across your chest. She can hear your even, soft breathing as you lie on your back. As she lays there, she thinks back to making love with you. She smiles that deep secretive smile, that a woman has, when she's deeply happy. Her breathing increases in tempo, as her blood starts to stir, at the memories of your hands upon her. What the feelings are, and the reaction her body has, to your touch. She's letting herself think about it, and getting aroused at the thought, of it all. "I love when he touches me right there." She slips off her pants carefully, trying not to wake you, with her actions. After she lays down again, her hand finds its way to her secret place. It's a warm, comforting feeling again, for her, one sought many times before. But now, with her body beside yours, it's a bit more sinful, a bit more delicious than ever before. She's feeling somewhat dirty about it, but yet feeling bold and wanting to feel that excitement again. "I love this feeling," she thinks, as she shivers in delight, knowing just where to touch.

Somehow, in the depths of your sleep, you feel her movements. You awake, beside her, slowly. Her body is arching, and you can hear her softly moaning as your senses gather themselves. You're not sure, at first, what is happening, but then you realize, as you turn towards her, that she's in the midst of her own personal little heaven. It's a startling moment for her when you move, your body a still statue, beforehand. She blushes deeply, realizing now that you are awake, and aware. "You're awake," she states the obvious.

"Mm, yes, I'm half awake," you say, gathering her to you with your arm. Your lips find each other and you kiss. Her blushing face feels hot to your gentle hand on it. "What's happening?" you say, half jokingly. You're aware of what she's been doing, but want her to admit it. It's not really important, but just a silly feeling of pleasure that you have in realizing what she's been up to.

"Um, I was thinking about you, and how good you make me feel," she admits, in a rush. She's still blushing like crazy, but it's quite dark and you can't see her face. But you can feel it. "I was helping myself," she further admits. Your hand finds her breast under the covers and feels it, gently, through her t-shirt and bra. It causes her to catch her breath, and to swallow. Your lips capture hers again in a long, deep, slow kiss that sends shivers down her body.

"Does this help?" you say, after you take your lips away and hover there, an inch from hers. It's a tense moment of anticipation between you two, with the passion so evident in both of you. She moans "yes, yes it does, oh kiss me again," and pulls your head to hers, hard. Your mouths fuse together and it's hot, passionate kissing. Her arms lock around your neck. Your one arm gathers her to you, holding her in tightly.

Your hand finds its way under her top and inside her bra. The fingers stroke her breast gently. Her nipple rises in a tight little bud, so excited at the touch. Her body arches towards you, exciting you. This feeling is such pleasant anticipation of the joy to come. Her upper leg rises and crosses over your leg, her heel digging in, pulling you towards her even more. There is a straining of your bodies towards each other.

Without further ado, you remove her top and bra and throw them aside. Then, in the darkness, you feel her lips upon you. She takes off your pyjamas quickly with your help. It's a feeling of such love and joy between you now. Breathless anticipation, hearts beating fast and furious, lips apart, breath coming fast, no thoughts present but those right there. Hands touching in places where the reaction is so pleasant. With no hesitation you crouch over her. Fingers lock together on both your hands after she helps guide you. "Oh Gareth, you are amazing," she moans as you sink into her warm depths. It's a hot, delicious sense of being totally connected, even in the dark. Even without enough light to see her face, you know what the expression is, on her face. The wanting of you in her eyes is there, you know, and it feels so very good. She pants in ecstasy, sending you into a lovely spinning spiral of joy to hear that from this woman. It makes you feel such a man to satisfy her so thoroughly. As her body arches under you and you feel her fingers tightening around yours, it's a wonderful feeling.

Then it's over, just as soon as it began. You sink to the bed, feeling weakened and satisfied, and roll onto your back. She smiles in the dark, and you hear the smile in her voice as she whispers "wow, just wow, is all I can say, and thanks." Her hand finds yours in the dark and squeezes it.

"Mm, let's get one thing straight okay? Let's not say thanks every time please?" you say, in a soft voice, with a laugh. "It's a given that we thank each other for the gift of loving of each and wanting to show that love, okay?" She laughs and nods her head beside you.

"Yes, that's quite true," she agrees, verbally. She pulls up the covers over you both. You lay on your back, welcoming her again into the circle of your arms. It's a warm, soft, connected feeling now, where you are both satisfied.

"So, did you miss me today?" you ask Lesley, your hand absentmindedly stroking her shoulder and arm. It's not really an important question but one you feel you should ask, knowing that yes, you missed her a lot, yourself.

"Oh yes, I missed you a lot! The Cleft is just so empty without your wonderful presence to make me laugh, and make me feel loved," she admits, freely. "I cried after dinner, when you still weren't back. I was worried. I am so happy that you came back safely!" She hugs you tightly with her one arm across your chest. You kiss the top of her head, loving having her so close, and worried about you.

"It's nice to come back and know there is somebody waiting for me here," you admit, with a broad smile, in the dark. "Somehow, having a warm female body in my bed is just the ticket for a good nights sleep," and a deep rumble of laughter emits from you. She laughs out loud too, and giggles that silly little giggle you're growing to love. The air of romantic, passionate sex between two lovers has given way to a silly, fun, giggly time where you both feel young and free, and able to be silly without looking foolish to each other.

"I want to have breakfast with you in the morning," she says, after a short pause, while you both stop giggling. You murmur in the affirmative, feeling tired again. She's smiling again, listening to your breathing and feeling your chest gently move up and down with each exhalation. As you drift off to sleep, you think again of her and her hair spread out on your pillow. How pleasant a sight it was to see, early in the morning, in the early morning light of the Cleft. Her thought is of your hands exciting her as she drifts off into the land of dreams.

In the morning, it's a slow coming to consciousness for you. You wake up and remember what occurred in the night-time. There is a smile on your face as you recall it. You turn your head and see her there, sleeping, still. She's on her stomach, her face pressed to the side on the mattress. Her face has a gentle, soft innocence about it. You lay there, not wanting to disturb her. Not wanting to rush away today, but to give in to her wishes of wanting breakfast shared with you. You continue to lay there, on your back, hands behind your head. You think about the previous day. You think also, about the cave, and your father's remains there. A frown crosses your brow. You test your ankle as you lay there. Finally, this morning, it is pain free as you rotate your ankle. Then you settle down again, thinking still more. It's a quiet, contemplative time for you, where you are deep in thought. You don't sense her stirring and awakening beside you because of your deep thought. The first thing you really notice is a soft hand snaking out in your direction and then touching your cheek. You turn your head and smile at her. Her hand rests upon your cheek softly with the palm warm against your chin. "Good morning" you say, and then pull her to you for a kiss.

"Good morning back to you. How long have you been awake?" she asks, eyes twinkling in joy, happy to see you there, beside her. Her thumb rubs against your beard, loving the feeling of it under her hand.

"Oh, about 10 minutes I think," you say, absentmindedly. You pull her to you again, snuggling with her. "Nice way to wake up," you say, after a few minutes of quiet between you. Her fingers are gently playing with your chest hair, liking the feel of it too, between her fingers.

"I can't get enough of you, you know," she say, softly. "I don't want to be apart from you very much at all, I know, and I love having the freedom to touch you now. Before, when we had known each other for a day or so, I just had this illogical urge to reach out and touch you. It was bizarre and strange. I've never felt so strongly attracted to somebody before as I have with you. It's a strange feeling indeed. I feel like my being here was directed by a higher being. Why, indeed did I take that road instead of the interstate highway? Why did I feel the call to come to New Mexico, after all? It's just all so strange, really, isn't it?" As her voice trails off, you nod in agreement with her.

"Yes, I've felt this strange, illogical attraction to you as well from the first day. A feeling of knowing you liked me, despite us not knowing each other well at all. But an attraction stronger than ourselves, pulling us together. Like a river of feeling that carried me away on its current." As you finish talking, you hug her to you, glad this openness is between you now. "It's such a relief to be able to talk to you about everything so easily. You are an amazing woman. I don't think I've met anyone like you before. Where I could talk about it all. The linking books, I mean, and taking you into that cave. You do realize that you're a special person, don't you?" and you turn her head towards you, with your hand on her chin. You gaze into her blue eyes. You're happy to see a smile pulling up her mouth at the corners and yet detect a slight sheen of tears there. "Why the tears?" you ask gently. She sniffs and clears her throat.

"Mm, just such a sweet guy, you are," she says, in a soft voice, tremulous with emotion. She hugs you deeply. You can tell she's emotional about it all and leave it be. Simply wrapping your arms around her, and hugging her in tightly to you. You know her enough by now, that she'll pull herself together to talk, after a bit. She's a strong woman, you know, and wants to talk on an equal level with you. That's one of the things you appreciate about her - her level headed approach to things, in general, so far, anyhow. Her sense of humour and of adventure too. You realize that in your arms is an amazing woman who, for whatever reason, has decided that you are her special person in life. She's given you the incredible gift of her love and her trust. It's a bit overwhelming in its intensity as you realize the implications of it all but a feeling of happiness, too, settles over you. It's what you realize you've been missing, without having put your finger on it.

Softly, she starts to speak. "Gareth, for so long, I've thought that I'd never have the chance to have a child. But now, with you, if you're still serious about it, maybe I do have that chance. Is it too crazy a thing for me to bring up at this time? If so, I'll just drop it, and that will be fine." She speaks, in a rush now, staring intently at you, awaiting your answer. Her body is tense. You know that she wants you to say yes, at least, and that a negative answer would hurt her deeply. You've thought it over also, as you worked yesterday. How strange a thing it is that, with a woman you've known for a few days, suddenly you are talking about a baby. But, like most things in life, you know there is no easy answer as to why this is happening. As a result you decide to speak your honest mind to her.

"Lesley, I thought this over a lot yesterday, as well as you did, likely. It's very strange to have fallen in love with you as soon as I did. To have the depth of caring that I feel for you. So, when you ask me that question and I give you this answer, know that I've searched my heart and mind as best as I can. I think that we really can't say why we care for each other, can we?" She shakes her head, knowing that. "So, really, there is no real time limit to say that you have to know a person a certain period of time before things are decided, right?" You look at her, hoping she gets your train of thought. She's watching you, following it. "So, as a result, I think that if you really want this, who's to say it's wrong? If it truly is something you want, I'd be happy to help. If it doesn't work, well, it won't be from lack of trying." Your chest rumbles with laughter at that line. Because you know darn well, that any chance you get, you're going to be making love to this woman. She gets the gist of your last line and laughs too, but is crying too, with happy tears.

"I feel so silly to cry with happy tears, but that's what they are. Thank you Gareth, for that lovely, long explanation. At least I know you've thought about it, long and hard, and it's not an idle whim of yours." She kisses you in thanks. You feel warm and fuzzy towards her. Your fingers lock together. "Can I stop taking the birth control pills as today then?" she asks gently. You nod in answer, smiling at her. She smiles and kisses you in thanks again. "Thank you" she whispers, through the tears. All the silly worry of what will happen if and when she does get pregnant is washed away in the knowledge that now she may achieve a long-held dream. A very precious thing for her, you realize, as you feel her gently sobbing. "I'm sorry that I'm crying but it's been such a long time to think I had no hope," she whispers, head buried in your chest. You hold her tightly, not in a hurry at all. Realizing she just needs you, to be there, and to hold her.

After a nice, long period of gentle hugging you gently push her away. "I'm hungry" you state, openly and make the first move to get out of bed. She willingly follows, pulling on her clothes as you dress also. It's not long before you're both walking to the kitchen, with her helping you along. She gets the kettle on. You ask her what she'd like to have to eat. You both settle on eggs and toast. After you look in the fridge you realize she's been to town. "Thanks for getting supplies" you say, with a smile in her direction. She smiles back at you, feeling happy and pleased. It's a lovely start to the day, for both of you.

Continued in Chapter 10


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